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Christian; Reggae; Singer/Songwriter

Acoustic Guitar; Bass Guitar; Electric Guitar; Keyboards


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Nov 30, 2023

Windy Winks


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Winand Sogbor, also known, as Windy Winks, is a filmmaker, musician, photographer, video editor and songwriter. He has been a natural musician, with two albums to his credit, STELLA and OKAMEHO. He trained as a computer programmer before taking to music full time. He earned his BA in Recording Arts, and MFA in Film Production from Full Sail University. Completing his education has opened creative doors to him. He contributed to the two thesis films “A Game To Drive For,” and “The Wanderers,” of his course as a Best Boy Grip, and Assistant to the Art Department. Winand graduated from his MFA in Film Production in 2016 as a Scriptwriter, Director, Cameraman and Video Editor. He created and managed the website of House of Glory Min. Inc., in Orlando, Florida, where he worshiped,, and produced all of the content uploaded to their YouTube and Facebook pages. Winand covered the photo and video shoots of the 50th birthday parties of Mrs. Maxine Anumu and Miss Evon Garwood. He is always happy to listen to other musicians' works and learn from them. He uses his variety of skillsets to help anyone in genuine need. His dream is to fully support himself with a career in film and music.
Windy Winks

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