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Tim Lorsch





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Composer; Instrumentalist; Performer; Producer (Music); Studio Musician

American Roots; Classical; Country; Musical Theatre

Cello; Mandolin; Viola; Violin; Octave Violin


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Nov 27, 2021

Tim Lorsch


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Tim Lorsch is a Nashville-based multi-instrumentalist and composer. He has played on countless albums by other artists, as well as creating his own unique works. A few years ago a suitcase was found in an antiques store in the Czech Republic.  It turned out to be “The Suitcase” that one of Tim's great uncles took to the Nazi concentration camps. Miraculously, it was returned to Tim, who created a one-man multimedia show with narrative, looping music on violin, octave violin and cello, combined with archival video and photographs. Taken together, his show tells the story of “The Suitcase,” and his family history before, during and after the Holocaust.

"One measure of a true work of art is its power to change a person. The Suitcase transforms people. It is timely, wise, and beautiful." 

~ Bob Raines, Ph.D. ; Honors Program Coordinator, Jackson State Community College

"Tim Lorsch! What a talent. What a guy! What a genius. I never know what he is going to come up with next."

-Bob Farnsworth, Clio Award Winner, President/Creative Director Hummingbird Productions

Tim Lorsch

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