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Steven Chesne





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Arranger; Composer; Conductor; Instrumentalist

Classical; Contemporary Instrumental; Film; New Age; Television; Visual Media


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May 10, 2018

Steven Chesne


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Steven Chesne has composed the scores for over 300 episodes of prime-time, network shows including "Batman: the Animated Series," "Family Man," "Family Matters," "Getting By," "Girls Across the Lake," "Hangin' with Mr. Cooper," "The Hogan Family," "Kirk," "Life Happens," "Perfect Strangers," "Step by Step," "Two of a Kind," and "Valerie." 

In 1993, Steven was the first person to record an extended symphonic concert work for 80 players, using multi-track digital technology, as reported in Mix Magazine (August 1995) and First Reflection Magazine (Fall 1994, vol.7-1). NPR’s All Things Considered (host Gene Parrish, 91.5 KUSC FM) devoted an entire segment to these recordings of Symphony #2 and Symphony #3. Chesne’s orchestral concert works include 4 symphonies, 2 concertos, 2 orchestral suites, and 2 tone-poems, as well as works for string quartet, woodwind ensemble, and music for theater and ballet. 

His works have been performed by The Ventura Symphony, The L.A. Modern String Orchestra, The Los Angeles Ars Symphonia Orchestra, The La Mirada Symphony, and Mehli Mehta’s American Youth Symphony, as well as by members of The Los Angeles Philharmonic, The L.A. Chamber Orchestra, The Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, and The Pacific Symphony. Chesne studied film composition with David Raksin and Earl Hagen, and classical guitar/renaissance lute with Pepe Romero and Jim Smith.

Steven Chesne

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