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Stella Crispo





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Instrumentalist; Performer; Songwriter; Vocalist

Adult Contemporary; Classical; Opera; Pop; Rock

Keyboards; Organ; Piano


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May 2, 2016

Stella Crispo


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Stella Crispo is a singer, pianist, songwriter, bilingual Italian and Classical singer. She studied with Paul Gavert, Kathy Olsen and Patricia Carey (Mariah’s mother) and has performed off-Broadway, at BB King's in NYC, recorded jingles, performed in Italy and many other varied experiences. 

Currently, Stella has 5 songs on all digital platforms including a cover mashup of George Harrison’s ‘Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth)’ recorded and released with the permission of Mr. Harrison’s publisher. Stella performs the National Anthem regularly at Prudential Center in Newark, NJ and has 2 bands, 'In the Name of Love’ (Classic Rock and originals) and ‘Heart Like a Wheel’ (Linda Ronstadt tribute). 

Talents: Singer, pianist, songwriter, classical/opera/classical-crossover singer; dancer (disco, salsa, tap); intuitive healer Genres: Rock, Pop, Adult Contemporary, Italian, Classical/Opera/Classical-Crossover (Bocelli) Instruments: Voice, Piano, Keyboard, Organ

Stella Crispo

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