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Jun 8, 2015

Songwriting Shane


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When you hear the distinctive voice of Songwriting Shane, you think "Original Artist". A gifted Visionary, Shane describes her writing style as "Millennial Rock". As a classically trained pianist since the age of 3, Shane won her first National Talent Competition at age 14; which included cutting  her first record with Capitol Records, a monetary music scholarship from Julliard School of Music in NYC and screen test with Columbia Pictures.

In Her Own Words:

My name is Shane. I began playing piano at the age of 4, and by age 14, I  won 1st place in a National Talent Competition in the US, cut a record  with Capital Records and was awarded a monetary music scholarship from  Julliard School of Music in NYC. In New York, I honed my talent as a Singer/Songwriter, and was an accepted member of the AGAC American Guild  of Actors & Composers in NY, of which I am very grateful. 

I  continued writing, recording music, performed in off-Broadway theater  productions, put together a top 40 band & sang in various clubs,  casinos, etc. Soon, I recorded with top producers at Phila. Int'l  Recording Studios. However, due to the drastic change in the music  industry, the money I received in the music business was not enough to  pay my mortgage, bills in a single home in New Jersey. I changed careers  and became a NJ State Correction Officer & entertained the sick in  hospitals & nursing homes on my days off.

The Colleges I attended  were La Salle University in Philadelphia and Camden County College. My  studies included Industrial Relations, Corporate Communications,  Contract Compliance, Psychology & Law; and earned highest honors  Golden Key & Phi Theta Kappa & PSI Beta.
In 2001, I was a  crucial part of the Urgent Response to NY on 9/11 as Team Leader of  C.I.S.M.'s Int'l Critical Incident Stress Mgt Team (I was personally  requested and dispatched out of New Jersey for four long grueling  months). As a result, I underwent my own brutal recovery & intense  therapy needed to restore my own health due to life
threatening  assignments & intense exposure to bio-hazardous & deadly toxins.

The only thing that brought relief was listening to and playing music. I  began recording songs with Grammy Award winning Producer Andy Kravitz  & jumped back into my music career with a new defiance and  conviction. Andy helped bring out my most beautiful & orchestral  rock sounds from deep within my soul & out into his studio in NJ. I  recorded with the Hooters Band with Producers John O. Senior & Rob  Hyman & cut my 1st album "SHANE and THE HIGH COMMAND". 

Presently,  I am a member of the Nat'l Academy of Recording Artists (NARAS) &  Voting Member with the professional Grammy Assoc. One of high points in  my career was the release of my song "Arise". This was a blessing from  God. It is a strong ballad about and an Anthem for Survivors and Peace  Makers around the world. I'm very thankful to have worked on this  project with great Award-Winning Producers and Artists, namely: David  Longoria, Robert Eibach, Andy Kravitz, John O. Senior, Blue Eagle and  Michael Lazarus. 

Sing more ... Dance more ... Smile more ... Love more ...
Love Always,

Songwriting Shane

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