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Sid Whelan





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American Roots;Blues;Rock

Acoustic Guitar; Electric Guitar


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Jun 5, 2018

Sid Whelan


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A blues-influenced Americana guitarist and songwriter, Sid Whelan cut his teeth on rock & roll and charted on Midwestern indie college radio in the mid ‘80’s with his song “NY Taxi.” Early in his career, Whelan was lead guitarists with various world music acts including the Lijadu Sisters and later Afroblue, which also experienced indie radio success with their cover of Jimmy Cliff’s “You Can Get it if You Really Want.” Following the breakup of Afroblue, Sid left his guitars in their cases for the better part of a decade while he made a life and family in New York City. Now he’s back and again on the radio and web with Americana and Blues show airplay around the country of “Frisco Lines,” the rollicking country-blues opening track on his comeback album “Flood Waters Rising.”

Sid Whelan

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