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Apr 27, 2023



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Shivali is also setting the stage to be one of the youngest female Indian Motivational Speakers. She delivered the keynote speech in New York for International Women's Day Conference. She was a guest speaker for Women of India: Leading in a Time of Crisis, for the Women Ambassadors Forum, where she spoke about 'Finding the Goddess Within". She was the only Hindu speaker invited to the Spiritual Directors Conference in St Louis, where she led a workshop on the nature of Karma Yoga. She recently presented ‘Learning from the Himalayan Masters’ to her class and professors at Harvard Business School. Shivali has performed numerous times at the prestigious De Dolen Theatre in Rotterdam, where she orated nine love stories in Hindu Mythology (Upanishads, Mahabharat, Ramayana and more). She has participated in documentaries and recordings for BBC Television, BBC Radio and other radio channels globally. As a writer she has published for many newspapers and magazines including THE FINANCIAL TIMES, TIMES OF INDIA, HINDUISM TODAY and SCIENCE & SPIRITUALITY. Shivali is the Master of the seven-day Visualization Meditation for the leading meditation app in India, Think.Right, and the singing voice for the Goddess Plush Toy series by US toy company, Modi Toys. Shivali also holds a diploma in Acting, Kathak (classical Indian dance) and trained in Ballet. She is the Intercultural Ambassador for a Cambridge University founded think tank called NNedPro Global Centre for Nutrition and Health. She completed her PLDA (EMBA) from Harvard Business School in 2023. Shivali divides her time between London and New York.

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