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Performer; Songwriter; Vocalist; Author

Blues; Pop; Rock


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Jan 2, 2024



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Sherise is an internationally-acclaimed award-winning dynamic vocalist and song-writer from India. Recording Academy Voting Member, Country Music Association (CMA) Member, Bronze Award Winning International Performer of the Year at International Singer Songwriter Awards, 2022, Clouzine International Best Pop Song of the Year - 2022 and 2023 for her songs 'Baby Girl' and 'You Get Me', and 'Your Little Bird'. Third place winner of 'Radio Wigwam International Female Artist' of the Year 2021. 

She has also been named as one of the women who rock hard by Hard Rock Cafe, India and is part of 'Women Who Rock' Movement, USA. Sherise writes and performs songs in various genres including Rock, Funk, Pop, Country, Blues, Rock n Roll, Reggae, Jazz, as well as her own compositions. Sherise has performed with internationally known Musical Stalwarts such as Karl Jenkins, Classical Conductor - David Bray, renowned opera Vocalist - Patricia Rosario, Indian Playback Singer - Hema Sardesai, world renowned multi-instrumentalist, Shaun LaBelle and represented India in other countries such as India, Germany, France, Ireland, and London, Dubai as part of various choirs and collectives. 

Her original music and covers are currently very widely trending, all over the world and streaming on all major music platforms. Sherise is also a part of the Lazie Indie Magazine Core team that interviews and promotes artists from accross the world. She is a part of the team that oranises and conducts the International Independant Music Festival in Trivandrum, India. Sherise derives her influences from singers of different genres like Whitney Houston, Taylor Swift, Sia, Ella Fitzgerald, Eva Cassidy, Rihanna, Inna, Sarah Vaughn, Andrews Sister, Etta James, The Carpenters, Evanescence, Nadia Ali, Celine Dion, Shania Twain, Rascal Flatts, Sheryl Crow, Carey Underwood and Mariah Carey. The 'Sherise Dsouza Collective' is a high energy and versatile band that delivers super-charged as well as soul-stirring perfo


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