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Sarah Fierek





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Songwriter;Vocalist; Record Label

Adult Contemporary; Country; Pop

Flute; Piano


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May 22, 2024

Sarah Fierek


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Singing, writing, and recording started for Sarah Fierek at age three. Her mother gave her a boombox, blank tapes, and a microphone, and she went off to the world of creativity. Sarah is a testament to the axiom, "Listen to your inner child to find your purpose."

Having spent over 13 years building and scaling a non-profit radio station, Sarah understands the importance of community building, amplifying voices, and aligning passion with a mission and vision bigger than oneself. Formerly known as a "recovering musician', now recording and lifting others along the way. Sarah’s mission as founder of Illustrious Creative Works & Sincerely in Song is to Uplift, inspire, and amplify non-profit causes and movements that better our world with our songs, voices, and likeness of our brand. Each song released is paired with a non-profit cause or movement to "brandraise" and fundraise. 

Hosting events focusing on earned media and partnerships to unite our community with the music released, "Sincerely in Song" is committed to donating a % of funds earned with each release while inspiring the community to join in the movement of each song's flight.

Sarah Fierek

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