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Composer; Performer; Songwriter

Flamenco; Jazz; Latin

Guitar, Acoustic

Russ Hewitt


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Guitarist virtuoso Russ Hewitt is known for his rumba flamenco rhythms and lightning guitar runs which have become trademarks of his distinctive style. Hewitt's first two releases, BAJO EL SOL and ALMA VIEJA, have garnered worldwide reviews and praise among his peers. His new release, CIELO NOCTURNO, is set to do the same with a stellar line up of returning backing musicians. The band also features an exciting group of special guests featuring Larry Carlton, Ardeshir Farah (Strunz & Farah) and accordionist Vladimir Kaliazine. All three releases were mastered by Chris Bellman (Van Halen, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Elton John.)

Russ Hewitt

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