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Arranger; Songwriter; Vocalist

Indie Rock; Pop; Rock


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Jul 5, 2024



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ROKITA is Chris Rokita, a songwriter, arranger, producer, recording engineer, sound designer, singer, and visual artist from Frankenmuth, Michigan. As a passionate and dedicated professional engaged in technology generation, Rokita creates powerful, inspirational, uplifting, and upbeat music. Simply stated, he creates music that leaves listeners in a state of euphoria! “I understood early on that I had a burning desire to pursue music,” Rokita explained. 

“I wrote a few lyrics in high school and college, and my oldest brother was in a band and played guitar. However, no other family member played any musical instruments. Without a good musical upbringing, I needed to unlock my potential and grow independently. So, I picked up everything I knew as I went along. 'I learned by surrounding myself with amazingly talented pioneering creatives in the music industry. Most importantly, I learned by doing, improving, taking criticism, and never giving up. These are important life lessons I learned to build upon to achieve my success. My influences run deep. Especially near and dear to my heart is the Classic Rock music style of the 60s, 70s, and 80s…with a real emotional feel. 

"I grew up enjoying the popular Metal bands of the day: Iron Maiden, Ronny James Dio, Poison, Ratt, and the like. These bands know how to drive emotions with their music…and the guitar work was phenomenal. Extensive international travel has allowed me to experience incredible music firsthand.” 

Over the course of his career, Rokita has collaborated with world-class artists such as living musical pioneer Robert (Bobby) Lee Balderrama (founding member and original guitarist, backing vocalist, and songwriter with Question Mark and the Mysterians) as well as Latin Music singing sensation Liliana!


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