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Performer; Songwriter; Vocalist

Country; Singer/Songwriter

Acoustic Guitar


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Roger Adams


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Roger Adams, a country music singer and songwriter, planted his roots in country music at a very early age. Influenced by people like, Roy Clark, Glenn Campbell and Jerry reed, he found his love for playing guitar and singing.

As time went on, he started a local band in his hometown, Virginia Beach, Virginia named “The Virginia Fire Band”. A local group with a tremendous following playing country music, country rock and southern rock. He became to be considered one of the best lead guitar players in the area and his band played on some of the biggest stages in the area along with big named bands at the time.

During that period, he wrote a song called “Six Strings and my Hands”. This song was featured on a local bands album, produced by radio station (K94 – ZAM11) in Virginia Beach in 1980. The album was called “Homebrew” and some copies are still available today. Playing live radio shows and television broadcast, the band was considered one of the best in the area.

Now many years later, he spends most of his time in Nashville Tennessee either performing showcase writer’s rounds, recording in the studio or playing with his full band in some of Nashville’s premier night clubs. He is also a member of the Country Music Association, Texas Country Music Association, International Singer Songwriters Association and various other memberships of country music.

Completing his first self-titled album “Roger Adams,” in 2019 with a few covers and original songs. He was quickly featured on a local television broadcast called “The Hampton Roads Show”.

His second full length album titled “Rise Up From The Ashes” was released in August of 2020. Seven of the twelve songs on this album are original songs. This album is very diversified and shows many of his influences.

A single was released in December. A very special song he wrote years ago called “Tonight it’s Christmas Eve”. This holiday song will be re-released each Holiday Season.

Becoming a better songwriter each day means you need to write many, many songs. This is what he has done. His next album will be all original songs. Recently he was awarded a finalist award for his song “A Heart in Tennessee” as best traditional country song. His Song “A Refection of a man” was performed by Roger as part of a TV network series to be released later in 2021. 

Roger Adams

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