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Richard Paul Thomas


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Richard Paul Thomas (his friends call him RpT) is a free-thinking dreamer and Texas-based songwriter with decades of love, life and laughter to share. His songwriting spans a wide range of musical genres and emotional experiences ranging from light hearted fun to challenging one's convictions about life and our place in the world. 

His writing and performance style encompasses elements of Folk, R&B, jazz, ballads and good old rock n' roll. RpT's soulful voice ranges from thermal to edgy reflecting the musical influences of a lifetime. His thought provoking lyrics speak to the heart and soul of the listener while thoroughly entertaining his audiences.

On his latest album, SALADO, Thomas plays with a variety of fun musical ideas from "Riding on a Train to Retirement Blues" along with an eclectic variety of songs in between. He has widened the emotional scope of his songwriting to include concerns for the environment and the people around him. From "Violeta," honoring the life of Chilean Artist Violeta Parra, to a plea to those choosing to ignore the challenges facing our planet in "Denial," and ending the album with "Look At My Hands," he illustrates his depth of feeling about these subjects. Produced by well know Austin multi-instrumentalist, Chris Gage and recorded at Austin's Moonhouse Studio, SALADO features an expansive variety of instrumental contributions from Gage, along with the tasteful vocal support of Kristin deWitt, the spot-on drumming and percussion from Paul Pearcy, and fluid base lines from Glenn Fukunaga. Together, this combo creates an intricate weave of sounds to help support RpT's vocals and soaring melodies. 

Richard Paul Thomas

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