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Raimund Breitfeld





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Instrumentalist, Manager, Songwriter

Adult Contemporary; Pop

Bass, Drums, Guitar, Keyboards



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Jan 24, 2019

Raimund Breitfeld


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At the age of four Raimund Breitfeld decided to help his mother, a concert  pianist, by operating the pedals of the Steinway as she played. It  didn´t take long for her to decide that it might be better for him to  operate the keyboard instead of the pedals and he received his first piano lessons. Most of the radio stations didnt play classical musi  though, so for Raimund it was Pop and Rock music. This inspired him to  make his own guitar.

One  day while his parents left the house for some hours, Raimund grabbed  his fathers violin. He did a little cutting with a saw and added some  frets ... and Raimund's first guitar was born. Raimund's first pocket  money came and a brand new electric guitar was unavoidable. Shortly after blowing up his grandparent's radio in an attempt to amplify his new guitar Raimund received a real amplifier as well.

During  his high school days Raimund  and his good friend Steffen Goeres  performed together in several Rock and Pop bands. Steffen's skills on the guitar was so advanced that he was already doing solo concerts as a  teenager. Steffen was so dedicated that he literally slept with his  guitar. Raimund couldn't keep up with Steffen on guitar and since there were very few drummers in their small town and their skills were moderate Raimund found his calling behind the drums. Drum lessons, music academy and the college of music followed, and he ended up with a degree as a drummer and music teacher.

Crossing paths and playing together over the years in different bands Raimund and his friends, guitarist Joe Gavito, guitarist Steffen Goeres along with Jimmy Olsson and Lou  Evans have joined together from all around the world to create the music  of WORLD5.

Raimund Breitfeld

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