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Paul Ryan





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Performer;Record Label;Songwriter

American Roots;Bluegrass;Folk

Acoustic Guitar; Banjo; Dobro


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Apr 24, 2024

Paul Ryan


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Paul Ryan’s music can best be described as a “bridge” between the traditional folk music of the 60’s to contemporary acoustic country & Americana music of today. Old protest songs have been replaced by storytelling, and a more “country” feel. The long neck banjo has been replaced with the more driving three-finger style. And instruments like a second guitar or autoharp are replaced with the dobro, or mandolin. 

With a background in both eras, Ryantunes music might be considered a multi-decadal bridge. During the 1960’s as a young man Paul was a member of a Toronto-based group that played a variety of venues ranging from high-schools, to the Grand Ole Opry (at Ryman) in Nashville and Massey Hall in Toronto. He says “at the time I had no idea how much amazing talent was surrounding me-both on the music and business sides”. At Ryantunes is a tribute to the “Voyageurs”.

Paul Ryan

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