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Cumbia;Regional Roots;Tejano



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Oct 16, 2022

Patsy Torres


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The gifted and versatile Patsy Torres is one of the most important and influential Tejano entertainers of our time. She has performed for live audiences of more than 100,000 people, appeared on national television for millions of viewers, and traveled all over the world winning countless awards for her musical talents and community works. She has graced the covers of national and international publications. Billboard Magazine proclaimed Patsy Torres as one of the “Top Female Tejano Stars” while Vista Magazine selected her to represent “What’s Hot in Texas”. Latin Style Magazine described Patsy as “El Sonido del Futuro”, the sound of the future.

While still in high school, Patsy found music as a creative way to finance her college education. While performing as a trumpet player in a local band, she was “discovered” and given a recording contract. While still in college, her first Tejano album yielded a #1 hit that later garnered her the Texas Talent Music Association’s “Female Entertainer of the Year”. Patsy achieved a lot of “firsts”. She became the first Tejano artist to film a music video. When she performed one of her hit songs, “Abrazame”, on the CBS television special “Sea World’s Lone Star Celebration”, she made history as the first artist to expose Tejano music on national television. She repeated the honor when she performed Abrazame again on “International Star Search” televised in Los Angeles. She again made history when she was the first to perform a bilingual song on TNN’s “Nashville Now Show”.

The national recognition she received caught the attention of overseas promoters, which led to tours in Hawaii, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Okinawa, Guam, Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Mexico, and China. Patsy and her band dazzled the audiences everywhere they went. Patsy immersed herself in the culture of each country they visited, sightseeing as often as possible. The university allowed Patsy to take her studies with her as she blazed trails as the first female to ever perform Tejano music overseas.

This international attention made her a champion in her hometown of San Antonio. Her time and talents were in big demand as a speaker and role model for schools, charitable and civic organizations. The city honored her with a river barge christened with her name on the famous San Antonio Riverwalk.

This versatile musical artist showcased her talents when she performed with the San Antonio Symphony Orchestra as its solo guest performer during the summer Pop Series. Her performances were sold out for the two-night engagement, and then recently performed another two nights for the Symphony Fiesta Pops. She also performed with the Laredo Symphony. Still, Patsy has the singular honor of being the first female Tejano star to perform with a symphony orchestra.

​Six Flags Fiesta Texas contracted Patsy as their featured Hispanic star due to her popularity and unique talent of bridging the gap between cultures and sharing the Hispanic heritage that she and San Antonio so proudly represent to thousands of visitors to the city each year. Patsy entertained multitudes from around the world there for 10 years.

Early on, Patsy discovered that her celebrity status gave her a privileged credibility with young people. At her many speaking engagements, she would tell the wide-eyed students that she felt her greatest accomplishment was getting a college education while flourishing in a career of show business with her morals intact. They listened. She became aware that her rapport with kids was a rare gift. The city and local businesses were already aware of her distinctive talent. They, in turn, supported her when she created a specialized musical program targeting teen problems and issues. HEB was the key sponsor.

The show was named “The Positive Force Tour”. This “musical drama” consists of a 16-member cast incorporating singing, dancing, skits, interactive dialogue, and testimonials along with state of the art sound system, special effects, lighting, and costuming. Emphasizing the importance of education, self esteem, and setting personal goals; the show has been an extraordinary success as it tours all over the country performing and inspiring millions of school children. After viewing the show, kids have quit gangs, given up drugs, stayed in school and become more involved with their own families and communities. Many of these students continue to call and write to Patsy testifying to the positive progress of their lives. Most recently, Patsy has obtained a non-profit status for her Positive Force Tour Programs (PFTP INC.) and provides a variety of musical programs that are tailored to all different age groups.

Despite her demanding schedule that requires her unmistakable drive and energy, Patsy makes it a high priority to give back to her community. Always leading by example, Patsy returned to school and earned her Ph.D. in Education and Organizational Leadership from the University of the Incarnate Word. Her dissertation was “Exploring Administrative Staff Members’ Sense Of Purpose In Selected Catholic University Settings”.

Patsy is a strong advocate for “Stay in School” partnerships, anti-drug campaigns, and student issues. She donates her time to countless non-profit organizations, schools, and community groups, serving as honorary board member for the Cancer Society, Latin Girl Scouts of America, and San Antonio College as well as the American Red Cross as chairperson for the first Hispanic Committee of San Antonio. She also taught classes for underprivileged children through the NSpire A Child program. Patsy’s compassion, charisma, experience, and education has also made her a much sought-after public speaker. She makes speaking presentations all over the country with various topics that range from leadership and motivation to education and faith.

Patsy Torres

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