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Noshir Mody





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Composer; Instrumentalist; Producer

Contemporary Instrumental; Jazz; World

Acoustic Guitar; Electric Guitar


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Dec 02, 2017

Noshir Mody


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Noshir Mody is a stimulating and creative fusion guitarist displaying a beautiful tone, versatility, and inventive ideas on his picturesque originals. Throughout his career, he has recorded and performed consistently rewarding and thought-provoking sets of original music.


Mody's latest album, AN IDEALIST'S HANDBOOK: IDENTITY, LOVE AND HOPE IN AMERICA 2020, debuts a selection of thought-provoking originals that are filled with strong melodies, superior and versatile guitar playing, and warm vocals by Kate Victor. The philosophical and hopeful lyrics combine with inventive jazz solos to form a memorable work. The album features Mike Mullan on alto and tenor saxophone, Benjamin Hankle on trumpet and flugelhorn, Campbell Charshee on piano, Yuka Tadano on bass, Jarrett Walser on drums and, on two of the five main pieces, Kate Victor on vocals. Always displaying a highly individual sound on the guitar and a fresh imagination, Mody is in top form in this new album.


Born and raised in Bombay, India, Mody is self-taught on guitar. He has stated that his early inspirations included Indian classical music, Al DiMeola's ELEGANT GYPSY, music from Bollywood, and rock, along with the modern jazz guitar masters.

After moving to New York in 1995, Noshir Mody dedicated himself to creative music, regularly leading his own trio in clubs. His original conception to playing music was well showcased in his groups The EthniFusion Rock Ensemble and The EthniFusion Jazz Ensemble, where Mody had a who’s-who of the New York music scene as guest artists including Atila Engin (awarded Danish Composer of the Year ’85, established the World to World Drums and Percussion Festival in Copenhagen), Adam Armstrong (Kenny Kirkland, Kenny Wheeler, Maria Schneider, Billy Cobham), Dan Jordan (Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Arturo Sandoval, Natalie Cole), Dan Willis (Michael Brecker, Roland Vasquez, John Hollenback, Kenny Wheeler), Bob Magnuson (Whitney Houston, Patti Austin, B.B. King, Issac Hayes) and Mark Weinstein (Eddie Palmieri, Cal Tjader and Tito Puente).


Mody’s impressionistic playing and colorful originals are documented in his solo guitar recording In THIS WORLD WITH YOU, his trio set UNION OF HEARTS, and by his quintet and sextet ensembles on the albums STORIES FROM THE YEARS OF LIVING PASSIONATELY and A BURGEONING CONSCIOUSNESS, respectively.


Mody has received the Independent Music Awards Best Jazz Instrumental Album nomination for STORIES FROM THE YEARS OF LIVING PASSIONATELY, two Global Music Awards for Outstanding Achievement in the ‘Album’ and ‘Group’ categories respectively for the album A BURGEONING CONSCIOUSNESS, and has twice received the GASC Outstanding Achievement in Songwriting, Instrumental category for his compositions "India" (from the album: STORIES FROM THE YEARS OF LIVING PASSIONATELY) and  "Secrets in the Wood and Stone" (from the album: A BURGEONING CONSCIOUSNESS); among other accolades.


Selected Press Quotes:


“A top-notch jazz and fusion guitarist, Noshir Mody composes picturesque originals that are impossible to classify as anything but high-quality modern jazz…"

~ Scott Yanow, Author of 11 books including The Great Jazz Guitarists, The Jazz Singers, Jazz On Film and Jazz On Record 1917-76


“History’s greatest jazz recordings have always been those that meet the moment, using music and improvisation to reflect history, explore the issues and forge hope for a way forward. No jazz album in the first half of 2020 hits all these targets with greater precision than Indian born, NYC based veteran guitarist Noshir Mody, who is well known for leading his EthniFusion rock and jazz ensembles and performing with his trio."

~ Jonathan Widran, JWVibe


"The guitarist’s album A Burgeoning Consciousness is indeed a mighty disc, one that harnesses the powers of clear melody and sturdy groove to create music that moves your heart and mind alike…Moments of high energy are interspersed with pockets of serene calm, making for a thrilling listen from beginning to end."

~ Brian Zimmerman, Jazziz Magazine


“The team is excellent at creating pastoral moods with modern colors, and the message is an encouraging one during trying times.”

~ George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly


“…This is surely the direction jazz is headed for in the 21st Century & beyond… waves of passion will invade your thoughts and bring you the peace that only jazz can bring…"

~ Dick Metcalf, Improvijazzation Nation Magazine


"Mody came to the U.S. from India when he was just 22, and since then has proved time and time again he’s a guitar virtuoso with a skill set that few can replicate. Here, he also proves that he’s a strong lyricist, as his songwriting takes on a new dimension that, in this very difficult year for America, could help heal some of the wounds or at least provide some relief from all the tragedy."

~ Tom Haugen, Take Effect Reviews


"Noshir Mody has a new CD that sees our potential to love one another and make the world a better place in An Idealist's Handbook... it’s a beautiful, intelligent conversation that blends, bends and expands on harmonic ideas." 

~ Debbie Burke, Jazz Author


When playing this I often find myself closing my eyes and just getting into the feel, the rhythm and soul of the album, as it truly is a beautiful piece of work. Definitely for those how enjoy their jazz to have soul and majesty, without things being thrust into your face.

~ Kev Rowland, Power Of Prog

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Noshir Mody

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