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Nicolette Aubourg





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Artist / Graphic Designer;Songwriter;Vocalist

Adult Contemporary;Alternative;Folk

Acoustic Guitar


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Sep 25, 2023

Nicolette Aubourg


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Born to British/South African parents in Durban, South Africa, guitarist/singer/songwriter Nicolette Aubourg studied music and received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English Literature before moving to Los Angeles. She has independently released three albums, WILD HORSE RUNNING FREE, SONGS FROM WILLOW GLEN and GRAND VIEW DRIVE, as well as releasing eight singles: “Requiem for the Racehorses," “The Dog with the Moon in Her Eyes,” “You’ll Rise up Again (For South Africa),” “Woodstock (In 5/4),” “Take the Guns Away," "#Freebilly (Where the Elephants Roam)," “The Invitation,” and “Madiba, dedication to Nelson Mandela.” 

With social commentary on subjects such as gun control, Apartheid, suicide prevention, animal rights, homelessness, life in Laurel Canyon, and poems by Yeats and Shelley put to music, Nicolette Aubourg’s songwriting is diverse and thought-provoking. Her goal is to contribute to making the world a better place, especially for animals, the environment and victims of gun violence, war, famine and conflict. Nicolette Aubourg is also an artist and uses her original art as album covers.

Nicolette Aubourg

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