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May Chang

May Chang






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New Age


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Jul 24, 2017

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Composing music has become a part of May Chang’s life for years, she started learning Piano at the age of five. May has written three albums and more than 50 pieces in Contemporary Classical and Ambient, including "Evanescence Of a Butterfly's Dream," "Counterclockwise Legend," "Teardrop of Tulips," "Dancing on the Cliff," "Cactus in Grief," "Mirage in Heaven," "Wish," "Reflection," "Desires," and more. 

May is currently involved with research at CSPFA (Charter School Policy, Finance, and Administration) in UCLA. Her goal is to develop V.P.A (VAPA) K12 schools for 2023-2024 school year in Northern / Southern California. She is also devoted to collaborating and developing VPA programs/workshops/seminars in music programs for Private/Public Schools (K12), community programs such as Symphony Orchestras, Marching Band, Piano/Keyboard classes, Strings (Violin, viola, Cello)/Winds classes, Music appreciation, Theory, etc. 

May is also a Music Producer for the upcoming Documentary, and Drama Film for a legend back to the 50's.

May Chang

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