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Matthew Mayer





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Arranger; Composer; Instrumentalist; Songwriter

New Age



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Jan 26, 2018

Matthew Mayer


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#1 Billboard Charting New Age Recording Artist, Matthew Mayer has released over 15 solo piano albums, since his debut album "Crossing the Bridge" in 1999.

Matthew Mayer had humble beginnings, growing up in small town South Dakota. His performances began with Mayer doing one-man shows in the waiting room of a chiropractic clinic in Canistota (town of 700 where Mayer grew up), to sharing the stage with Grammy Nominated and Artists from around the world. His accolades include reaching the #1 spot on a variety of different charts including, #1 multiple times on Amazon’s Hot New Age releases, #1 on United Kingdom’s One World Music Radio Charts, as well as the pinnacle spot of securing 2 weeks on the Billboard Top 10 New Age Chart. All of this as an independent artist. 

His album “16670” set out to capture a true story through a solo piano refection, of one of the greatest heroic acts of love in recent history. Mayer says of the album: 

“I was drawn to this story by something bigger than myself. The ability of the light to shine through what seems like hell. This story is told through a lens of love, empathy, and awe of humanity's ability to defy fear, and do good where it seems no good could ever exist." 

Mayer first heard the story of a certain prisoner in Auschwitz back when he was a teenager. It stuck with him so much throughout his life that in 2015, he flew on a plane to Poland to visit the place where this amazing story took place, as well as reflect on his heroic actions. Five years after his travels, he sets out to share, through solo piano compositions, the man’s story and even more importantly his act. 

Mayer also adds: 

“If this were to be the last full album I ever produce, I will be so proud. This man’s story deserves to be told through the generations, and I only hope this will be a small part in sharing this man’s legacy.” 

Matthew Mayer was twelve years old when he walked out the front door of his house, in Canistota, South Dakota, and skipped across the street, to knock on the door of Mr. Cooper. 

Art was Matthew’s first piano teacher….and he changed Mayer’s life.  

“If there was one thing Art taught me, it was this….to play the notes on your soul, and not just the ones on the page…” – Matthew Mayer  

Mayer would eventually go on to self publish his very first solo piano album “Crossing the Bridge” in the spring of 1999…at the age of 20. Fast forward today, and Mayer’s music can be heard around the globe on Pandora, Apple Itunes, Amazon, and Spotify to name a few.  

Among his many well known compositions, his original piano song Beyond was ranked by Spain’s Reviews New Age Company as one of the Top 50 Piano Songs written of All Time. The same song was noticed by The International Accoustic Music Awards, recognizing it as a Top 10 Instrumental Composition of that year’s field. 

Mayer’s album “Art” was a nod to his piano teacher, as well as one of the songs being featured at the prestigious University of Nebraska Medical Center, where each time a baby is born, Mayer’s intro to his song “Charlie’s Lullaby” is played throughout the campus. 

Matthew is the Owner/Founder of, home of over 450 Piano Artists from around the world. In 2015, he created his first podcast titled “Going Solo by Matthew Mayer” which he has now interviewed well known artists and creatives, like Grammy Award Winning George Winston and World Re-knowned Award Winning Producer Will Ackerman to name a phew. Mayer has also interviewed Oprah’s 2009 Ambassador of Hope, Marala Scott, as well as New York Times Best Selling Author and Grammy Award winner, Kabir Sehgal. 

Mayer’s 12th Album, “Beautiful You” went on to receive the Whisperings Solo Piano Album of the Year Award, and also received an Official Parents' Choice Gold Award Honor. This historic album touched on the vulnerability of being human combined with the importance of loving yourself, of all ages, for who you are.  

Mayer has embarked on two Croatia Tours with Croatia's most talented and versatile composer, Matej Mestrovic performing in the National Theaters of Zagreb, Rijeka, Split, and Varazdin, opening for talents including Turkey’s Hakan Ali Toker, and Croatia’s own Matija Dedic. He has also performed with Matej and the talented Antonija Pacek on the island of Brijuni with even movie stars like Rade Serbedzija in attendance. 

Matthew also a contributor and guest writer on the popular CD Baby DIY Musician Blog, specializing on being an independent artist in the music industry today, and recently spoke at the CD Baby Music Conference in Austin, TX. 

Matthew Mayer

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