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Marika Takeuchi





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Classical;Contemporary Instrumental



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Jan 19, 2019

Marika Takeuchi


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Marika  Takeuchi is a Japanese composer and pianist currently based in Los  Angeles. She has released recordings of her modern classical music, as  well as writing music for films, commercials, music libraries, and video  games.

She began her studies in classical piano at the age of three in Japan.  In addition to piano, she played violin and french horn for several  years. She began studying composition and building a career as a  composer at the age of 18, and her early career includes composing for  NHK radio and Universal Music Japan.

She moved to the U.S in 2009 and studied film scoring at Berklee College of Music. She released her first album Night Dream, and the single The Arctic Light in 2011. The single has been featured in an Australian TV commercial,  the Norwegian Tourism Board’s official website, and several other  advertisements and short films.

Her 2nd album Impressions was nominated for Best Neo-Classical Album at the 10th annual ZMR Awards, and her 2016 album Colors in the Diary was produced by Grammy-winning producer Will Ackerman. She scored award-winning short drama More Than One in 2016.   

In July 2018, she released her 5th album Melding through  a London-based indie label Bigo & Twigetti and performed at their  label concert in London. She was commissioned to write a piano solo  piece Bloom for Sony Masterworks pianist Lara Downes's album Holes in the Sky, which was released in March 2019. Her latest EP Missing Piece was released in 2020, and she scored Canon USA commercial and an award-winning Italian short film The Vanishing Hitchhikers in the same year. 

She has also written music for numerous music libraries, including West  One Music, Extreme Music, APM Music, as well as participating in many  piano compilation albums over the years. She’s currently scoring a  PlayStation game Aurora’s Journey and the Pitiful Lackey,  which is scheduled to be released in the fall 2022. Her lastest album  Lost Letters was released in July 2022 through West One Music Group.

Marika Takeuchi

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