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Marc Frigo

Marc Frigo






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Oct 8, 2018

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Marc Frigo is a multi-platinum mixer and recording engineer in Nashville, Tennessee, with more than 30 years of experience working across multiple genres. He now offers his services as an online mixing engineer, helping artists all over the world get amazing quality, radio-ready mixes of their music. 

Your music is important to you, and it’s Marc's goal to serve you as the artist, to serve the song, and to serve the music. You want your mixes & productions to sound and feel amazing, and that’s where he can help. Every part of the production should be an extension of the emotion and vision of the song, from arrangement, performance, and recording, right through the final mix and master. 

Please check out some samples of Marc's work in the “My Work” section of his website at:

Marc Frigo

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