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Kristin Amarie


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Kristin Amarie is a Norwegian born singer/composer. Living in such diverse places as India, France, Malta, Thailand, the US and now Cyprus, each location has added its unique musical flavor to Kristin's music.

This was evident on her debut release , NOTES FROM A JOURNEY, produced by Grammy® nominated producer, Alex Salzman. The prestigious IMA gave NOTES FROM A JOURNEY Best New Age album Award of the year! The album debuted at #2 on the ZMR radio chart and reached #1 at ZMR nominated her for Best New Artist. One World Radio, UK awarded Kristin with the Best Vocal Album of the Year.

In 2014 her work with ambient/chill producer Solarsoul , “Hope Never Dies,” made it to number 31 on Beatport Top 100. In a 2014 Kristin released FOREVER CHRISTMAS, a collaboration with husband and musical partner, David Lanz.

2015 brought another collaboration by this talented couple, SILHOUETTES OF LOVE produced by Grammy winning keyboardist and producer, Greg Karukas and Alex Salzman and Gary Lanz. It won Vocal Album of the year by OWMR UK. PRIVATE COLLECTION, released in 2017 is a recording of some of her favorite cover songs.

In between releases, Kristin collaborates with her husband, David Lanz. "I’ve had challenging times in life and know how music can function as a healer in many ways,” says Kristin. This belief provides the basis for her goals as an artist as she continues to mine her musical world for her next handfull of diamonds.

Kristin Amarie

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