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Kavita Baliga





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Choir Conductor; Producer; Vocalist

Classical; Singer/Songwriter; World



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Oct 14, 2023

Kavita Baliga


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Originally a classical soprano, the versatile Indian-American singer has sung and performed across the world since 2008. She is most known for singing in Shekhar Kapur's [Elizabeth: The Golden Age] film PASSAGE with music by A.R. Rahman [Slumdog Millionaire; Lagaan.] Her early career involved session singing in Bollywood and regional Indian films, touring with the French band Olli Goes to Bollywood, and producing for artists in India and the UK. Act 2 of Kavita's music career embarks on an exciting new chapter as a singer-songwriter, revealing a deeply personal side of her artistry. She weaves poignant tales of love, loss, and self-discovery; melding genres like synth pop, R&B, Indian, classical crossover, and new age. Her first single, "Will You Miss Me Then," comes out July 28. Her voice is sweet, soft, and airy. Her floating, ethereal sound is an asset to ambient tracks and film scores and her versatility in style gives any project a wider, more global feel.
Kavita Baliga

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