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Educator; Performer; Songwriter; Vocalist


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Aug 3, 2017

Kathleen Kruze


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"Kathleen Kruze's voice is a hypnotic storm of beautiful melodies, her Joni-esque guitar stylings surprise and delight. Her original songs are a colorful landscape of cathartic, uplifting and at times, other-worldly messages. Kathleen is at the top of her craft and her stellar back-up band has soul, groove and fire! She plays and writes from the heart." (Recent review of To Be Understood CD by writer publicist and fellow singer-songwriter Annie Kelly.) She has had the great pleasure of working with some of the best talent this area has to offer...Bassist Steve Clarke, jazz flutist Ali Ryerson, Percussionist and Harmony vocalist James Moss (Kool and the Gang, Michael Brecker),Saxophonist Ken Gioffre, upright bassist Jeff Fuller, bassist Dave Anderson (Blood, Sweat and Tears) , keyboardist Nick Bariluk, jazz pianist Kent Hewitt, Cellist Jordan Jancz, violist Larry Deming and soprano sax player Adam Cyr! These are among the special guests on her Night Owl CD (Nov..2011) and her new CD (Dec. 2014) entitled To Be Understood.

She is honored to share the stories of he life on this new diverse collection with such gifted musicians accompanying he. The songs span he entire songwriting career, the "best of" the past 20 years of composing. The CD showcases some of the stylistic influences she has been fortunate to grow up listening to, going back to her roots in Folk/Blues, Jazz and R&B. She blends all of these genres in her own eclectic way to create a signature sound, referenced by her Smooth Jazz vocal style. 

Kathleen is a dedicated music teacher by day, and a performer on weekends. She enjoys teaching all styles of guitar, including Classical/Fingerstyle, in which she holds a performance degree from the Music Conservatory of Westchester, New York. She enjoys encouraging new songwriters to hone their craft further and find their own unique voices. She teaches guitar at Kent School in Connecticut, a prestigious Prep High School.

Kathleen Kruze

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