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Classical;Contemporary Instrumental;New Age



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7 Mar 2017

Karen Olson


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Multi-award-winning musician, producer, composer and bestselling author, Karen Olson, combines her unique background as a violist, recording artist, and intuitive holistic healer to provide interactive, inspiring and transformative programs and concerts. She’s worked with Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr, Dean Martin, Tony Bennet, Liza Minelli, Reba McIntire. Karen has always shared the company of the world’s greatest performers…

Dr. Olson uses her sound healing method to help people find peace, freedom and the power to live their dreams.  She has established herself as an authority in emotional and physical wellbeing. Her education, training and personal experience is the subject of her award-winning book, SoundPath: Using the Power of Sound and Silence for Health, Harmony and Happiness.

Karen’s SoundPath Method is a unique sound therapy method using music, vibrations and more. She helps clients effectively and painlessly remove long-held negative childhood beliefs and remove fear by activating their unique power within. They are able to replace blocks with messages of love connecting them to their inner purpose and truth. Medically, we know that unmanaged stress causes inflammation that can lead to autoimmune diseases, cancer and other disabilities. Stress and anxiety interfere with sleep and create chaos that affects every area of life. Find quick, painless and even fun ways of releasing stress and finding joy, peace, and effective answers.

As clients experience this inner harmony, they are able to reach their highest potential with increased mind-body-spirit immunity, balance and success. Karen’s method is a sonic bridge over challenges that helps you get to the other side.

Karen draws upon a rich background of degrees, certifications, strong faith and many gifts to be able to hold a space for Divinely guided energetic answers for her clients. She is a multi-award-winning, Billboard-topping musician and composer, best-selling author, international speaker, and bio-energetic practitioner.

Dr. Olson has advanced degrees from Juilliard, Yale, and NYU. She is a violist with eight CDs, has been on the top-10 of four Billboard charts and has won multiple awards. She is a member of The New York Pops with regular appearances at Carnegie Hall. She has shared the stage with superstars Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Liza Minelli, Roger Daltry of The Who, Sarah McLachlan and many many more. Her recent music video featuring Deepak Chopra and Michel Pascal is used to help give prisoners a sense of peace and is part of a program at the United Nations. Dr. Olson was also featured in the UN’s Global Bwell/BKind Challenge. Experience her music and programs so you can receive deep peace and answers for a path to freedom, peace, improved health and happiness.

What People are Saying about Karen Olson

“Karen’s music feels like a reverent journey….The subtly dramatic and meditative energy, brought out with the deep viola overtones….[was] truly phenomenal”

“The true mastery of Karen Olson’ strings create a ream like state in an almost out of body experience through its tones … a true symphony for the soul … which allows us to reflect, to be moved, to float upon and bathe within a veritable musical waterfall, of blissful meditative ambience.”

Steve Sheppard, One World Music

“Karen  Olson provided a format that was both simple enough …and at the same  time stimulating. It was truly a moving and unifying experience. She  also received high marks from our music therapists.”

Nancy Sondag

MA, RDT/BCT, LCAT, CDP Rehab Institute of New York, Monarch Inc

Karen Olson

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