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Artist / Graphic Designer;Poet;Producer (Music);Vocalist



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Dec 9, 2022

Kameelah Waheed


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Sneaking snippets of worldly music into her household was close to pulling off a major heist during Kameelah Waheed's early years. She was introduced to the world of sound from early hip-hop, house music and the live bands of the 80s courtesy of her older sister. Taking the House/EDM world and emerging her hip-hop/poetry skills have deemed to be successful combo for Kameelah's career.

Kameelah was encouraged to consider song writing as a career option when she received an opportunity to write for Bunny Sigler of Philadelphia International Records. Heading up the hip-hop rock band band, Gov’t Cheaze in 2000, Kameelah performed at Philadelphia’s Black Lily Film Festival as well as a set at the very first Roots Picnic. Previous releases have included ‘Traveling’ by Kameelah Waheed & GC, produced by Larry Gold, featured on the ‘Beat Generation Compilation’ released on BBE, making the Top 10 Most Played on UK urban radio stations. In 2011, Kameelah Waheed and Government Cheaze signed with indie label, Philly Through My Ear (PTME) founded by Will Smith Sr. The self-titled CD can be found on iTunes.

Ramrock Red Records are incredibly excited to present Kameelah Waheed –  straight outta New Jersey. Brought to our attention by London  DJ/promoter, Barry King, Kameelah immediately delighted us with her  direct, no messin’ delivery, compelling, earworm hooks and beautifully  crafted lyrics. Teaming up with Kelly Murray on co-production on the  ‘Original Version’, Kameelah unleashes a stripped back, jazzy hip-hop  vibe punctuated with a Donald Byrd’ish trumpet riff. The North Street  gang take the Donald Byrd flavour a step further with a full on nod to  the Mizzell Brothers in the first North Street West dusty funk  production. Releasing digitally around April 24th as a five track EP  with a further 7” vinyl release around May/June, ‘Holding On’ is set to  tick a lot of musical heads boxes.

Kameelah Waheed

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