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K.K. Hammond





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American Roots; Blues; Indie Rock

Resonator Guitar

The Curse of K.K. Hammond


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Sep 7, 2023

K.K. Hammond


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Known as "The Curse of K.K. Hammond," K.K. is a multiple iTunes chart-topping slide guitarist and singer/songwriter. Living deep in the back woods of England, she authentically channels the Delta Blues players of the 1930s, infusing her music with Southern Gothic horror for a uniquely dark and dirty sound. The sound of her resonator guitar has been hailed by fans and music critics alike. 

“The resonator playing here (by Hammond herself) is superb, dark and chilling creating a macabre aural image...” 

~ Andy Snipper, Music News 

K.K. writes traditionally inspired roots music, but twists it her own new way for a unique and untapped sound which appeals to a whole new modern audience, as well as classic blues fans. K.K's music has garnered critical acclaim worldwide as well as airplay on a multitude of blues radio shows internationally, including the Cerys Matthews BBC Radio 2 Blues Show and the award winning Gary Grainger Blues Show. 

A video of K.K. playing a slide guitar cover of "Nothing Else Matters" with her good friend Kaspar "Berry" Rapkin accompanying her on banjo, was shared by Metallica on their official TikTok, and was described by them as "Incredible"! 

Upon its release, her single "The Ballad of Lampshade Ed," (featuring her good friend and fellow bluesman David & the Devil), championed a #1 spot in the UK iTunes Blues chart. In 2023 K.K. bagged another iTunes #1 with her single Graveyard Blues. K.K.’s biggest success to date arose from the release of her debut album Death Roll Blues in March 2023. The vinyl and CD run sold out via pre-order prior to the album's official release date. Upon its release, the album hit the #1 spot in the UK iTunes Blues chart and subsequently scored another #1 spot in the US iTunes Blues chart. It also exceeded expectations by breaking into the #12 spot in the mainstream iTunes charts (across all genres) and the #18 spot in the UK iTunes mainstream chart. It was also the #3 best seller of all time for an iTunes Blues pre-sale.

U.K. born, K.K. took an interest in guitar, Americana and Roots Blues. As a child she was fascinated hearing her father play flamenco guitar. She spent some years exploring the back roads of the USA, but eventually settled in the remote, forested English countryside, where she works her farm. A self-professed hermit living in an isolated spot in the woods, K.K. enjoys exploring the wilderness surrounding her home, where she seeks song-writing inspiration.

K.K has a burning passion for resonator guitars and has a collection of Mule Resophonics and National Resophonic which are her absolute pride and joy. 

“I hear many young players and their debut recordings, but not many are pushing for their own sound and few use the roots as a foundation for their own creativity. K.K. does exactly that and has her own style, in fact it is more than a style, K.K. inhabits her own dark and mystical world. ”

~Michael Messer, renowned slide guitarist, singer, blues and roots innovator and producer.

K.K. Hammond

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