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Judith Ann O'Neal Miller





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Performer; Songwriter; Vocalist

Blues; Jazz; Pop

The Judith Miller Band


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Jun 5, 2018

Judith Ann O'Neal Miller


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Judith Ann O'Neal Miller is a native Texan, and an avid disciple of Ella Fitzgerald, Shirley Bassey, Claire Martin, Bonnie Raitt and Diane Krall. Her sings an eclectic blend of Jazz, Blues, Spirituals, Country, and Pop. Her improvisational style and range allow her to glide effortlessly from Jazz from BeBop to Swing and to soulful Ballads. Judith supports HAAM, Healing Comfort, and Pick with Austin, a central Texas foundation that helps families deal with depression and suicide in young people and veterans through music. 

Judith was honored by Indie Music Channel-Hollywood in 2013 as "Best Jazz Artist" "Best Jazz Songwriter" and "Best Jazz Producer" of the year. IMC awarded Judith the 2015 Radio Music Awards for her original tune "Love Spell" written with Jim Erickson, Best Jazz producer of her original tune" Sad Affairs", Best Live performance for "I Am What I Am" the Presidents Award in 2016 for continued participation in IMC musical endeavors. Also in 2016 Judith was awarded the Akademia Music Award for Best Jazz/Lounge Song for "Can't Stop Loving You" In 2017 the Radio Music Awards for her rendition of "Wheelers and Dealers." 

Her original music is played and featured on Indie Music Radio,, NumberOneMusic, SoundCloud, KCCafe Radio and many other on-line radio station. Judith has produced several CDs of Jazz standards over the last several decades. Judith has produced three complete albums and a single release: I AM WHAT I AM, LET'S HAVE FUN, BABY, ON THE ROAD TO TEMPLE, and "Christmas Time." 

Her band continues to perform at clubs, homes, benefits, restaurants and festivals throughout Central Texas. Though Judith has an original repertoire, singing standards is an important part of her presentation. Her favorite composers include Antonio Carlos Jobim, Rodgers & Hart, Michael Franks, Dave Frishberg, Cole Porter, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, and the Beatles.

Judith Ann O'Neal Miller

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