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Jeff Hyman


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Jeff is a singer who moved to LA from New York in 2016. Since arriving he has drawn considerable notice for his talents and is enjoying making new music. His songs and albums have appeared on the Grammy® ballot multiple times.

In 1962 Jeff Hyman formed THE GASLIGHT SINGERS with some fellow folk music lovers that he met in college. This turned out to be an amazing experience for Jeff, Earl Mann, Martha Velez and Alan Alcabes. THE GASLIGHT SINGERS shared the stage with icons such as Bob Dylan, The Chad Mitchell Trio, Tom Paxton, Glenn Yarbrough, Judy Collins, and so many more iconic artists. Their friends included Mama Cass and John Denver.

In 2012 Jeff decided to become a solo artist and struck out on his own to develop his own individual style, with an appetite for multiple genres. He performed, and began recording songs for what became his first solo CD, OLD DOGS NEW TRICKS. The album, and the track, “Let The Mystery Be,” were both in contention for a 2018 Grammy. Jeff’s next album, PICK YOURSELF UP, was released in July 2019.  It includes duets with some amazing Indie singers as well as many of the iconic songs that his fans, and audiences, always love.

Much of his work, and his history, both video and audio, can be found on his website.

Jeff Hyman

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