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Jean Welch Wilson





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Lyricist;Producer (Music)

Country; Gospel

Percussion; Piano


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Nov 7, 2021

Jean Welch Wilson


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In memorium... Jean Welch Wilson was the founder and lead consultant of Turning Point Consulting and Entertainment, which she operated for more than 30 years. She transformed Turning Point into a small personal company that responded to the needs of individual musicians, singers, their managers, booking, plus their touring apparatus that could generate through organized planning the exposure, income from ticket, and product sales for those new to the process. They produced  special events, including album releases and press events. 

Jean was especially active in the Gospel genre, where she was a legend. It seemed like she knew everyone in the industry, and everyone knew and loved her.

Sadly, she left us in 2023, and is sorely missed by all.

From her obituary:

Obituary of Jean Stephena Welch Wilson

Jean Stephena Welch began  her journey on April 18,1943 under the direction of Anne Stanback Welch  and Wilson Q. Welch, Jr. in Salisbury, NC. Her formative years were  spent on the Fisk University campus with her best friends Marva Keith  (Wade) and Beth Howse. She studied music, played the piano, and sang in  choirs. She attended Pearl High School where she was a member of the  percussion section of the band. Her freshman year was spent at Hampton  University, but she returned to her beloved Fisk University. It was at  Fisk that she met an immigrant from Panama, Eton Roosevelt Wilson and  fell in love. They both graduated in 1966 and married that August. They  became the proud parents of Natalie Lynn and David Christopher.

She became a member of Delta Sigma  Theta Sorority, Inc.-- Nashville Metropolitan Alumnae Chapter on April  19, 1975 -- at the tail of her line of 11 Shining Stars with the name  “Sgt. York”. She was active with the chapter for years along with many  of her close Sorors including Connie Scott and Judith Pressley. She was  involved with Arts and Letters and was instrumental in bringing Lena  Horne to an annual Peppermint Ball to raise money for College  Scholarships.

The rhythm of Jean’s life was music.  However, she detoured to Fisk University and majored in education and  psychology. She taught Special Education classes in the school systems  of Detroit, MI and Cleveland, OH. When she returned to Nashville, she  served in leadership roles at the State of Tennessee’s Department of  Economic and Community Development, Commerce Union Bank (now Bank of  America), the Nashville and National Urban League, Project Return, and  Fifty Forward. However, Jean’s passion was the Music Industry. Her work  with Lone Oak Entertainment and Turning Point Ltd. Entertainment  Consulting brought much joy to her life.

The entertainment industry was her  compass and she would always come back to the music industry. She was a  songwriter, producer, and creative consultant. Even after acting classes  with Ruth Sweet at The Acting Studio and starring in a few commercials,  the film Ernest Goes to Camp with Jim Varney, and hosting a  morning talk show on a local TV Channel, she returned to music. For many  years, she worked as a consultant encouraging and supporting young  artists as they launched their careers. She believed in her artists and  their music. She enjoyed writing poetry, loving her family, and talking  with friends on the phone.

Jean was regarded as an intelligent  woman with a bright personality. She was creative, witty, and wise. She  was a young soul who loved to laugh and sing. Jean was a good listener  and a fun person. She was a wise advisor. She embraced the name “Bossy  Boots” but proclaimed she was not bossy but just right.  She had great things to say about people and fiercely loved her friends  and her family. She was so proud of her heritage and her children,  Natalie and David (Rosalind), and her grandson Dalind.

Her earthly departure was Saturday,  February 4, 2023 at 8:12 pm in the presence of her sister Jackie  Welch  Schlicher and step-mother Mary McKelvey Welch; she joined the ancestors  and the heavenly hosts. Left to embrace her memory and honor her legacy  are her daughter, Dr. Natalie Lynn Wilson (Oakland/San Leandro, CA); son  and daughter-in-law Drs. David Christopher Wilson & Rosalind  Johnson; grandson, Dalind Johnson Wilson (all in Berkeley, CA); sister  Jackie Welch Schlicher; step-mother Mary Welch; beloved cousins from the  Stanback 6; devoted relatives of the Welch family; devoted friends from  around the world; numerous adopted children who were friends of her  children-- she loved them as her own. She joins her ancestors and loved  ones who have waited in the heavenly realms to welcome her. Jean will  forever remain embedded in our hearts with love.

Jean Welch Wilson

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