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Holly Nicole Combs





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Performer; Songwriter; Vocalist

Adult Contemporary; Alternative; Pop; Rock

Guitar, Acoustic


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29 Nov 2019

Holly Nicole Combs


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Holly Nicole Combs is an eclectic singer/songwriter based out of the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. She is the winner of the 2019 World Songwriting Award for best alternative song, "#Hashtag". She was also recognized by Music Mafia Radio as the 2019 Female Artist of the Year.

With a quirky voice and being heavily influenced  by so many genres that include pop, rock, folk, country, show tunes,  opera, and classical, Holly is difficult to categorize. In her mind, the  music she creates is "Hope Folk," songs filled with honesty and humor,  each one having a piece of her heart, mind, and soul. 

She moved all over the south in her childhood but settled on the Gulf  Coast of Mississippi. Much of her music has been influenced by the  beauty of the landscape, the people she has met, and the experiences she  has had living there. Also, being in close proximity to New Orleans,  its influence cannot be dismissed.

Holly Nicole Combs

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