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American Roots;Country

Guitar, Acoustic


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Dec 15, 2018

Heather Anne Lomax


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“I am moved and inspired by the voice, life and recordings of Elvis Presley: especially the Sun sessions and the American Sound Studios recordings (From Elvis in Memphis). This record is specifically designed after the wide influence of styles and live sound found on the record: "From Elvis In Memphis" produced by Chips Moman. The Sun Sessions are like a jolt of raw electricity-there is just a feeling that you are present in those live sessions. The American Sound Studios sessions are  a broad tapestry of sounds and styles of music that serve as a rich landscape for that award-winning record. There  is a “feel” and “vibe” of recording a  band live that I was looking to capture, and I believe this record captured that electricity"

~ Heather Anne Lomax

Heather Anne Lomax has spent the greater part of the past decade putting her own spin on the Americana and Country-Rock/Blues genre. She has won awards and radio play across 76 stations both locally and internationally. Originally hailing from Kansas City, the now LA-based artist has opened for Wynonna and The Big Noise, Lee Ann Womack, Blake Shelton, Kenny Rogers, Jeff Bridges, John Hiatt, Richie Furay, Don McLean, Judy Collins, Marshall Tucker Band, Joan Osborne, Melanie and Blood Sweat & Tears.

Stylistically, Heather draws from the underbelly of human emotion, conjuring raw and oblique shades into her music that allows her to step into a deeply personal form of catharsis. It is through her music that she is able to draw out whatever love, pain or joy might be trapped within, materializing it into the real world in order to emancipate herself and those who hear her music. Above all, she hopes that her music can further inspire others to express themselves, “a vehicle of catharsis,'' as she calls it.

As the song goes, Heather Anne Lomax was “born in the wagon of a travellin’ show”. She has always known she was adopted, and after years of searching, she found her birth family. Heather discovered that she had been born into a lineage of both artistic and musical family members. She is related to Stan of WOR NY, cousin to the well-known ethnomusicologist Alan Lomax; her mother was an artist and a musician, and her grandmother was on Broadway. And so, like the prodigal daughter, she returned to her original birth name, Heather Anne Lomax.

Heather’s journey began in Kansas City, where she cut her teeth playing guitar under the wing of a family friend in the Ozarks of Missouri. Alongside her partner-in-crime and good friend Cynthia, she would workshop her guitar playing and songwriting skills, all while learning the art of old gospel and country music that had been handed down the generations. She cites Linda Ronstadt, Emmylou Harris, Elvis, Hozier and Maria McKee as pivotal figures who have helped shape her sound.

Heather’s last record, ‘Heavy Load’ (2014) under her previous name Michael-Ann was voted one of the Top 10 Americana Records from LA, and won Robert Oermann’s ‘DisCovery of the Week Award’ by Music Row Magazine in Nashville. She was also nominated in the Top 10 Americana Artists from Turnstyle Junkpiled, and has received numerous features across music publications including American Songwriter, LA Music Examiner, Music News Nashville, and Lonesome Highway.

Her recent single: "Candy Man" was inspired by Roy Orbison's classic, and was featured in Glide Magazine.  “Heart Don’t Lie” was featured on “The Bluegrass Situation, and her single “Better Luck” premiered on Ditty TV.   Her last record was mixed and mastered with the sonics of Elvis Presley’s ‘Sun Sessions’ and the American Sound Studios ‘From Elvis In Memphis’ in mind. With Jason Hiller on production and mixing duties, Heather, alongside an electrifying team of renowned musicians, began to chip away at realizing her vision. The record features Zachary Ross, Ty Bailie, Ben Peeler-Weissenborn, Aubrey Richmond, David Goodstein, Chris Joyner, Rob Humphreys, Rosa Pullman-Wurlitzer, Maesa Pullman, Ronee Martin,  John “JT’Thomas, and Danielle Fife, all of whom have had illustrious careers as professional musicians. The record was mastered at Lurssen Mastering by Reuben Cohen and Gavin Lurssen. Loretta Lynn.” – American Songwriter

Heather Anne Lomax

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