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Native Peoples;New Age



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08 June 2015

Gera Clark


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Gera Clark is a New Age composer, instrumentalist and performer. She plays Native American flutes, weaving a gorgeous tapestry of sound intended to heal. She is also a holistic nurse and Yoga teacher. Gera and her husband Tom "T.M" Dubas make music both separately and together. 

Gera is a regular on the app Insight Timer where she continues her live  meditations and playing her beautiful Native flutes as she did to help  others during the pandermic. She and her musical partner T.M perform on  Saturdays in their "Music and Meditation for Inner Peace and Healing."  They look forward to being able to come and play their music and enliven  their audiences in person once again, sharing the love and the fun that  is Gera & T.M.

//  Origin: New York City, NY.
//  Genres:  New Age, Easy Listening, Adult Contemporary
//  Years Active:  2012- Present
//  Label:  Above Silver Lake Records
//  Website:

From Gera and T.M

"We have been making music separately for as long as we both can remember. Gera began playing piano as a child and then switched over to a more portable instrument, the silver flute in her teens. As her life evolved and her musical journey continued, Gera dedicated herself to a spiritual as well as musical study...a total immersion in the Native American flute. Gera sings as well, incorporating into her music, the silver flute, Celtic harp, ukulele, and she even plays duets with plants (no kidding).

T.M entered the world of music when his Mom put an accordion in his lap at the age of 8. Even at that early age T.M was not into the “squeeze box” and eventually began playing both the piano and the blues harp (harmonica). Later on, at the urging of a band-mate he took up singing and fronting the band as well. In 2019 T.M and his bandmates released their long (really long) awaited, self-titled album, “Dive Bar Dropouts.” This album was submitted for Grammy consideration in the Rock category.

Gera has been involved in acting, modeling, and even had a comedy act. In 2007 she released her first album, “Montana Crossings”, which was as a duo named NightDancers, with John Sarantos. This was a fairly traditional offering. “Montana Crossings” was submitted for consideration in the now defunct Grammy category Best Native American Music Album in 2008. By 2011 Gera had gone out on her own and released an amazingly beautiful album titled “Migration of the Soul, a Meditative Journey.” This album garnered Gera 3 nominations at the NAMA Awards, and was also submitted for consideration in the 2012 Grammy Awards. This was the first time T.M collaborated with Gera and is how he inadvertently received his stage name. 2017 would see a creative departure for Gera. She created a guided meditation album loosely based on the 12 Steps titled “Stepping Into the Light.” This album was released in 2017 and was submitted for consideration in the 2018 Grammys in the spoken word category.

Over the last few years, we have combined forces, forming the duo, Gera & T.M, writing and performing songs that signify our journeys through life. On August 20th, 2020, we were overjoyed to release “Distant Lands” after 3 years of writing and recording. We were grateful to have been able to play with our friends and fellow musicians Tony Garnier on acoustic double bass, Roger Squitero, the master of percussion, and John Bertsche on all guitars, engineering, mastering, and guidance. Gera has also released her brand new solo album, "Reflections During" on August 20th, 2020. As a family and partnership, we couldn't be more excited and filled with gratitude!

Gera Clark

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