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Adult Contemporary;Country;Pop


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Sep 22, 2021



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Galit  is a singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles. Before starting creating music, she was a co-founder of “SRO Entertainment,” a company that produced Hollywood feature films. She also independently co-produced the Tom Cruise film ASK THE DUST, starring Salma Hayek, Colin Farrell, and Donald Sutherland. In 2018 Galit launched her career in music as a singer/songwriter. Within two short years she had released two EP’s and more than 20 singles. 

Galit has successfully turned a childhood passion into her vocation – inspired by artists like Tori Amos and Tracy Chapman. She loves writing songs that tell stories and speak about the human condition. Social justice and women's empowerment are issues close to her heart. Her dream is to inspire women to continue creating and sharing the best of what they have to offer with the world. The role of the womb may be limited in time, but your ability to create is there for the rest of a woman's life. Her goal is to touch and inspire everyone through her music. 

Galit is known for her remarkable voice and her unique Gaelic sound. She is often compared to artists like Alanis Morrissett, Florence (and the machine), Sara McLachlan, Fiona Apple, and Joni Mitchell. Her first full-length albumm MY TIME IS DUE, was released in September 2021.


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