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Performer; Songwriter; Vocalist

Adult Contemporary; New Age; Traditional Pop



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Feb 17, 2023

Franki Love


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Franki Love is an award-winning singer/songwriter. A classically trained  pianist, she grew up playing the piano at age four. Love started her  career by performing at local coffee shops in Los Angeles and captured  the attention of many notable producers and musicians. She garnered  success at the L.A. Music Awards as “Female Singer/Songwriter of the  Year” and winning single of the year for her song “Shadow”. Her song  “Shadow” also was recognized by the “Billboard International Song”  contest. The official music video for “Shadow” was on the Grammy ballot  for “Best Music Video” and was also nominated as Best Music Video at The  Hollywood Film Festival. 

Love’s song “Love Like It’s Never Gonna Hurt”  won “best song” from Songwriter Universe and she has also won the  “popular” award from ASCAP. Franki’s self-titled debut album was  released independently and she has performed internationally. In 2013, Franki successfully funded her new album release via Kickstarter, an  album dedicated to her Mother who passed away from cancer in January  2013.  She was mentored by legendary music producer Phil Ramone, who  encouraged her to start writing the album while grieving the loss of her  Mom.

The full length album includes 3 songs produced by grammy award  winning David Kershenbaum (Tracy Chapman Fast Car). Otias was released  in February 2017 on Bandcamp and June 2017 on iTunes. Franki released a  guided meditation EP album entitled “Peace Within’ in October 2018.  

Franki funded a new healing album on Kickstarter called “The Sun”.  Franki self produced the album in her home studio during the Covid-19  pandemic. “The Sun” was released in 2020. Franki’s new album “The Moon”  is a new age instrumental/piano album with healing frequencies that will  be released on June 3, 2022.

Franki Love

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