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Debanjan Biswas





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Composer;Producer (Music);Songwriter

Contemporary Instrumental; Film; World

Acoustic Guitar; Electric Guitar; Piano


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Dec 17, 2023

Debanjan Biswas


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Debanjan Biswas is an Indian Music Composer, Producer, and Mechanical Engineer. He came on the scene with something not many artists have: an abstract piece of instrumental music that takes no compromises with production, performance, and impact. It’s always reasonable to expect something new to have kinks that require ironing out or some elements that might require polishing, but in most cases, one can see the potential and sense that great things are to come. 

‘Sahara’ hits the ground running in all regards - Rock Street Journal. The Mumbai artist crafts a lush, folksy, and cinematic tune with help from producer Akshay Dabhadkar - Rolling Stone India. He talks less but his self-composed music speaks loud. He already let his presence be in the field of fundamental World music as a singer, song composer, and musician. 

Meet Debanjan Biswas, a Mumbai-based Mechanical engineer, from Tripura. Since his boyhood, he has developed a passion for music which always keeps him busy in the world of imagination. He wonders in the imaginary world and keeps composing music. His composing is a mixture of humanity and reality. Music is a way and means of transmission of values and fallings for him - Mk Sinha.

On Jun 28, 2023, he won Folk Best Regional Song/Album for his work "Aachi Aami" in the The Clef Music Awards.

Debanjan Biswas

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