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David Longoria





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Instrumentalist; Performer; Songwriter; Vocalist; Producer

Contemporary Instrumental; Dance/EDM


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David Longoria


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Dynamically fusing stylistic ideas from his classical background and a distinctive flair for melody and improvisation with today’s freshest cutting edge dance vibes, composer, producer and trumpet savant David Longoria builds upon the momentum of his Latin-driven 2013 album BAILA! with his groundbreaking new album THE JOURNEY.  Book-ending the collection with two unique versions of “Angels,” a 2016 Hollywood Music in Media Awards winner for Best EDM Song, the versatile trumpeter and composer goes on a full throttle exploration of his hybrid sound. David jokes about the invention of TDM (Trumpet Dance Music) as a new sub genre. Two years in the making, it’s a unique, one of a kind album that showcases Longoria’s horn playing amidst a high energy, rhythmic EDM soundscape.

David Longoria

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