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Daniel Fisher





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Composer; Producer (Music)



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Sep 1, 2022

Daniel Fisher


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Daniel Fisher is a classical composer from Holland Michigan. His musical path is about creating, giving, and sharing beautiful symphonic music inspired by people that he cares deeply about, and decades of amazing global travels and social interactions. His goal is to reach and touch people worldwide, and be a voice of passion, adventure, and comfort, based on life experiences that inform and infuse his music in positive and joyful ways. 

Composer Daniel Fisher's new recording, PLACES FAR AWAY, is a fresh and compelling symphonic journey—from the Mediterranean inspired "Amicizia,” to the Cherry Blossoms of Japan in "Sakura Prelude,” to the epic adventure on the title track “Places Far Away.” It touches the heart with passionate and romantic pieces like “Not Even the Rain” and “Silk Stone Heart." Featuring the London Symphony Orchestra, London Philharmonic Orchestra, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and renowned solo artists on piano, violin, cello and classical guitar.

Daniel Fisher

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