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Chris Vachon





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Performer;Producer (Music);Songwriter;Vocalist


Guitar, Acoustic;Guitar, Electric

Roomful of Blues


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Feb 7, 2023

photo by Sonja Lemoi

Chris Vachon


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Chris Vachon is a true multi-talent. His prowess as a guitar slinger is well- documented, and his strengths as a producer and songwriter grow from album to album. He produced the band’s eight most recent albums – THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD (1998), WATCH YOU WHEN YOU GO (2001), LIVE AT WOLF TRAP (2002) the Grammy nominated THAT'S RIGHT! (2003), and STANDING ROOM ONLY (2004), RAISIN' A RUCKUS (2008), HOOK LINE & SINKER (2011), 45 LIVE (2013) and IN A ROOMFUL OF BLUES (2000) after co-producing all of Roomful’s other albums recorded in the ’90s. 

Chris’ songs, such as “Turn It On! Turn It Up!,” “Running Out of Time,” “She’ll Be So Fine,” “Blue, Blue World,” “Dynamite”,“Keep on Rockin'' and Phone Zombies, have become firm favorites in AAA and blues radio formats, bringing many new fans into the Roomful fold.

Chris Vachon

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