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Carolyn Striho





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Songwriter; Vocalist

Pop; Rock; Spoken Word

Guitar, Acoustic; Keyboards


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Carolyn Striho


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Carolyn Striho is a Detroit songwriter, singer and musician whose songs are “from the silver edge of midnight," according to the All Music Guide. Carolyn was on the 2018 Grammy Awards ballot in the Best Rock Album category. She has eleven Detroit Music Awards and a Billboard Award. Carolyn’s alluring delivery with a powerful rock and roll gypsy sound has hypnotized crowds for years onstage and within her recordings and bands. 

Carolyn also has a recent book and new Audiobook DETROIT (MAIDEN ENERGY)  a volume one of Carolyn’s poetry and lyrics, reaching deep into stories of growing up in Detroit and a music lifetime. The book is now on all was on the Amazon best new sellers and a best seller at Horizon Books Traverse City 2020. DETROIT (MAIDEN ENERGY) received great reviews from NPR Detroit’s Ann Delisi, Billboard Magazine’s Gary Graff, former Detroit Metro Times editor Brian Jabas Smith, Hour Detroit’s Jim McFarlin and more. Carolyn’s poetry is also featured in RESPECT: THE POETRY OF DETROIT MUSIC, which includes Nikki Giovanni, Aretha Franklin, Jack White and many great musicians and poets. 

Carolyn has performed on tour with Patti Smith and with Don Was, Was (Not Was) with Carolyn’s band DETROIT ENERGY ASYLUM, and in England with Yoko Ono, Steve Earle, Tori Amos, Sinead O'Connor, Grace Jones and so many iconic artists. She’s also played with The Slits, The Ramones, Iggy Pop and the list goes on! Carolyn’s performed several times in London and Isle of Wight U.K., often in Rome and Fiuggi, Italy, a two month music residency in Osaka, Japan, and shows in Toronto, Chicago, at Lollapalooza, The Detroit Jazz Festival, Concert of Colors, Arts Beats & Eats, and more.

From her art rock and punk rock days to her melodic, spirited, soulful indie psychedelic music, Carolyn has been featured on new high-profile compilation albums and she and guitarist/husband Scott Dailey and band are working on a new album. Carolyn is also working on a retrospective of her catalogue of music and has been invited back to perform in the UK in 2021. 

Carolyn Striho

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