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Camille Saturday





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Actress; Performer; Producer (Music); Songwriter; Vocalist

Jazz; Musical Theatre; Pop; R&B; Television


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Dec 1, 2018

Camille Saturday


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Camille Saturday is a talented versatile singer, songwriter and actress, who is as polished and sophisticated as she is mysterious and sexy. With her sundry sultry vocals, eclectic songwriting, and enticing live performances, Camille always leaves her audiences cheering for more. Well known in the New York City area as the energetic lead vocalist of the popular eight-piece pop/rock band, "Risky Business," Camille slides easily from rock to R&B, and from jazz standards to disco, without missing a beat. 

In a review of her jazz standards EP, COOL CAT, A&E Magazine described Camille's vocals as "incredibly strong and classic" and "Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday would be perking upright in their graves just so they could check out their modern day competition." 

In addition to her musical talents, Camille is a seasoned actress. Her many television credits include appearances in the ABC series Quantico, CBS's Person of Interest, Warner Bros remake of Arthur, as well as the Oscar, Golden Globe and SAG Award-winning Amazon series, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Camille is currently working on a new TV Series Pilot called 'House Arrest Roonies' written and directed by Peter Welch.

Camille Saturday

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