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Benny Pitsinger





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Lyricist; Performer; Songwriter

American Roots; Country; Folk


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Feb 7, 2018

Benny Pitsinger


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After many years of performing from coast to coast both solo and with cover bands, Benny Pitsinger decided to give up gigging and concentrate all of his efforts on writing and producing his own original music . Influenced by great lyricists such as Guy Clark, John Prine and Harry Chapin, his songs almost always contain a story meant to amuse or invoke thought. Themes vary greatly, from the humorous "Medication Vacation" to the dark and eerie "The Harpest". 

Benny believes that a successful song is not one that sells a million copies, but rather one that the listener wants to hear again and again. His satisfaction comes when one of his songs makes you visualize the character and the setting - not always an easy task in the space of three or four minutes. The difficult goal is to get the listener to stay for the entire song as story songs frequently sum up the story in the last line.

Benny Pitsinger

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