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Arun Shenoy





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Pop; Rock

Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar


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Jul 5, 2017

Arun Shenoy


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ARUN SHENOY is a GRAMMY® Award nominated Artist, Songwriter & Music Producer. He is best known globally for his solo productions as well as for his work with the star studded Contemporary Jazz supergroup, THE GROOVE PROJECT. 

Arun has received significant critical acclaim over the years for his work. American music critic Jonathan Widran has noted that Shenoy’s discography is reflective of a brilliant, multi-faceted creative mind, pushed relentlessly by a restless spirit. He has noted Shenoy’s work as some of the most compelling, heartfelt and life affirming music he has heard.

ARUN SHENOY exploded onto the international stage out of relative obscurity with a GRAMMY® Award nomination at the 55th Annual GRAMMY® Awards for his debut world fusion production titled RUMBADOODLE in 2012. “BLISS”, Shenoyʼs follow up single from his Indian World Fusion project was launched by the Recording Academy via a Worldwide Exclusive First Look at in 2013.

Shenoy formed THE GROOVE PROJECT in Studio City, California as a Contemporary Jazz group in 2016. The group has released 3 full length studio albums A STAGEY BANK AFFAIR (2016), VOLUME 1: FLIGHTS OF FANTASY (2020) and VOLUME 2: THE WINDS OF CHANGE (2021).

Notable members and special guests of the band in the past (and present) have included current and former Dream Theater keyboardists Jordan Rudess and Derek Sherinian, GRAMMY Award winning saxophonist Jeff Coffin from the Dave Matthew Band, keyboardist Adam Holzman best known for his long association with Miles Davis, Weird “Al” Yankovic guitarist and GRAMMY Winner Jim Kimo West, GRAMMY Award nominated arranger Don Hart best known for his long association with Phish, Acclaimed jazz pianist Fahir Atakoglu, and keyboardist Ed Roth from Chad Smith’s Bombastic Meatballs.

In 2022, Shenoy released his second full length solo contemporary jazz album in collaboration with Matthew Shell titled “Elemental“. The album was released in stereo and Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 Immersive Audio formats.

Shenoy also likes to dabble with a more intimate singer-songwriter facet of his art and has released an EP in 2018 titled THE UNPLUGGED SONGWRITER SESSIONS in collaboration with THE MAVERICK EXPRESS, a roster of musicians comprised largely of Shenoy’s long term collaborators. He has also been releasing music in the style of Lo-Fi Beats under the artist moniker of “FIREFLYX” with a debut titled A GIRL CAN DREAM in 2021 in collaboration with hip hop beatmakers Melloe D and Angie Nicole and follow up album slated for release in the summer of 2022.


He was married for 12 years to Art Director ROSHNI MOHAPATRA, who has been an integral part of his productions. She passed away on Dec 13, 2018 at the age of 38. Shenoy and Mohapatra had previously been featured in the best dressed list at the GRAMMY® Award red carpet arrivals in Los Angeles in 2014 by Zen Magazine and Shenoy again in 2015 by Le Guide Noir.

Shenoy was conferred the Outstanding Computing Alumni Award by the School of Computing at NUS, Singapore in 2018 and is also a Distinguished Alumni of MIT, Manipal. He is an avid fan of scuba diving, and collector of exotic motorcycles.

He is the founder of music publishing house ASMP, boutique record label, Narked Records, and audio engineering firm, Shenoy Audio specialized in pro-consumer, audiophile and studio monitor headphones in wireless and wired formats.

Arun Shenoy

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