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April Mae





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Booking Agent; Dancer; Performer; Vocalist

American Roots; Folk; Jazz

KazooZaPhone; Percussion; Washboard


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April Mae


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April Mae blends Americana, jump blues, rockabilly, and swing with smoke ‘n honey vocals, washboard, cigar box guitar, banjo, mandolin and upright bass. Serving up high energy deep vintage vibes is their specialty. As their biodiesel Boogie Bus proclaims, it really is “All About The Boogie!” 

With a sound built on cigar-box guitar, slap bass and washboard, no trio is more fun, taking familiar roots genres and twisting them around Mae’s elbow-gloved, gold capped fingers.”

~ Mary Armstrong, The City Paper.

April Mae has that legendary blues affliction some call the urge to  “ramble” coupled with an affinity for vintage trains, bread trucks and  school buses. In June of 2011 her dreams came true when she bought a  diesel school bus with her heart set on converting it to run on recycled  vegetable oil. On November 13, 2011 Big City Rhythm & Blues Magazine  presented her and her affectionately named “Boogie Bus” with the Happy To Have the Blues Award in the category of “Best Ride - Female”. The  Boogie Bus is custom painted candy apple red and banana cream in a  vintage and whimsical style that took her months of sketching to  realize. Grease it up baby, here they come!

April Mae

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