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Angela O'Brien





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Manager; Promoter; Tour Support

Adult Contemporary; Singer/Songwriter


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Mar 28, 2023

Angela O'Brien


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Angela O'Brien is the Radio/Social Media/ Promotions Manager for indie label Resting Dove Records. Her label specializes in artists in the adult contemporary and singer/songwriter genres. 

Resting Dove Records was established primarily to be the label and home of the US Alt/Country Rock band 308 GHOST TRAIN and solo artist CARUSO. But their recent successes have allowed them to branch out and reach new artists. They are building a full service artist development label that's is looking to develop, grow, market and promote artists. Founders Anthony Caruso, Amanda May and Dan Manjack have built 308 GHOST TRAIN into a National and International brand in fewer than three years. Amassing over 50 million streams on SoundCloud and Spotify combined, and more than 100 TV, Radio and Magazine interviews, they have been nominated for 20 awards.

Angela O'Brien

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