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Aaron Crisler





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Photographer; Publicist; Art Director

Country; Gospel/Christian


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Jun 3, 2015

Aaron Crisler


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Aaron Crisler, born and raised on the outskirts of Atlanta, GA, has over two decades of experience in the entertainment industry. Crisler moved to Nashville, TN in 2005 and began as a photographer, quickly gaining trust in the industry working countless celebrity events, red carpet and award ceremonies in Nashville, Los Angeles, and New York. 

Crisler stumbled into public relations, documenting a client in the studio when they were notified of their project being selected as a GRAMMY® Nominee. Crisler asked the client if they had a publicist to work the carpet, they replied: “NO! We didn’t even think about that! Who should we get?” Me,” replied Crisler. Crisler accompanied the artist on the GRAMMY® red carpet – his first duty as a publicist. The rest, as they say, is history. 

Crisler serves his clients with integrity, excellence, and attention to detail. Crisler serves on the Board of Directors for Delilah’s Point Hope Charity, the board of Jason Crabb, and volunteers with The Bridge and Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue, among others.

Aaron Crisler

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