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Co-lead singer and songwriter of the band

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Blind Phoenix (, Rebekkah is a longtime performer, broadcaster, and audio engineer. She is a highly trained and experienced singer across many genres, including opera/classical, jazz/blues, and contemporary/Americana.

Rebekkah has been a broadcaster for 35 years - back when radio stations were excited to get their signal over a couple of counties. With a strong technology and marketing background in addition to all the broadcasting, and specializing in voice-over and classical and jazz recordings, she has a particular passion for making acoustic ensembles sound both intimate and excellent.

Rebekkah owns and operates RadHaus.Studio (, an audio and video production house in the mountains of Western North Carolina. She and her team produce "White Horse Live" (, an online video series of live performances from White Horse Black Mountain.

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Rebekkah Hilgraves - RadHaus.Studio

Rebekkah Hilgraves - RadHaus.Studio

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