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Ned Rorem said it best. "Nothing a composer can say about their music is more pointed than the music itself. "So.....I am ' finding the keys to capture your soul'. Rada is short for Radmila. I am of Serbian heritage, born in a refugee camp in Germany and lucky enough to have been raised in the United States. I am immensely proud of my parents who with no family, no education, and non-English speaking managed to raise 4 daughters and pay for all our college. I am a believer that if one works hard and has their heart in the right place good things can happen, after all my first piano was given to us by our neighbors. That is serendipity. Thanks for stopping by for a moment:)...and one other small tid-bit. I was able to meet my grandmothers once [ in Yugoslavia] and my maternal grandmother [ who of course spoke no English] told me...' your name [ radi] means to work and [ radost] means I my friends am happy when I work. My work is the piano.
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