Coming in Summer 2021, The Indie Collaborative is producing a series of television formatted shows starring our members' and their music. The first three episodes will feature the performers of our Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center productions re-scheduled because of COVID-19. But starting with episode 4, the shows will be opened to all Indie Collaborative members. Do you have a video that you would like featured on one of our upcoming shows? Please see the information below and let's get started.


If you are a member of the Indie Collaborative and you would like one of your videos to be featured on a future ICTV episode, please read on. We are planning a number of one hour shows. ICTV shows will be professionally produced. They will be premiered on YouTube at regular intervals, and also here. This will be free publicity for you and your music!

  • 6 minute max video length

  • Must be at least HD resolution (4K is preferred)

  • Must be high quality, musically and visually

  • Videos must not contain any objectionable content*

  • They can be music videos, or video recordings of live performances

  • You must own all the rights to the music and the video itself

If you want to take part, Here are the prerequisites:

  • If you're not already a member of the IC, you must join us

  • If you don't already have an account on this website, click LOG IN at the top right, then select SIGN UP and create one using your chioce of method (email+password, Facebook, or Google).

  • Make sure your profile is shown on this site. If it's not, simply request it using the CHAT function.

  • Then use the CHAT function to send a link to see your video in YouTube, Vimeo or another site, and request to have it featured on one of our IC TV shows. We will look at your video and get back with you as quickly as possible.


We are accepting video advertisements that will appear within each show. Ads can be 30s or 60s in length. They must be at least HD resolution (4K is preferred). You can place your video order securely on this website at this link. If you're interested in running ads in multiple episodes, please ask about reduced pricing. The IC reserves the right to reject, and will refund the money for, ads that don't meet our standards.


Contributors and advertisers are required to sign an official release and hold harmless agreement before their videos will be included within any ICTV show.

* The IC reserves the right to accept or reject any video submitted. Decisions by the producers about what content is objectionable are final.

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